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My name is Josie Dean. I have been Scrapbooking for over 14 years now... And card making forever... I've always been a crafty person...

I have a wonderful Hubby who supports me in my Hobbies... and 2 beautiful children who love to be crafty as well.

I joined Stampin' Up! Back in October 2012. I joined to just be a Hobbyist, to be able to buy my cardstock at a discount and get it when I needed it... By February 2013, I was convinced by a Dear friend who is now one of my Downlines to start monthly classes. Slowly I have built up my customer base by extending my workshops out into the wider community. I feel I'm successful because I'm laid back and I do not pressure anyone to buy, but to enjoy their craft again. USE YOUR SUPPLIES PEOPLE!! So you can have new stuff!! My motto is No point in buying it if you aren’t going to use it!! I have had customers who have come along to my monthly classes and not bought a thing for at least 12 months... why? Because they were trying to get through this own stash at home! I encourage this behaviour!! Ha-ha Yes most of their husbands love me! 

Apart from my business, I am a full time Administrator for Epilepsy Parents Australia on Facebook. We have a beautiful admin team, and we help form a Safe community for Australia parents who struggle daily to deal with this horrible condition. My son has Epilepsy and over the years we have had many months (years) of no sleep... Lots of Stress and lots of tears... This Horrible condition has taught us Strength that we never knew was possible! We have made many decisions that most people would crumble from. So many hospital stays... Too many MRI's, CT's, EEG's along with many other scans needed for Brain Surgery. January 2015 our son had brain surgery 2 states away from our home... spending nearly a month away was hard... But... I took along my craft supplies... and made 40 cards for the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital Auxiliary. My craft has helped me through many dark times... and it will continue to do so... It is the best therapy! And Stampin' Up! Have been so supportive and I would say one of the best companies I have been with. Along with all the people I have met along my journey.

I love to just play and experiment... and also love to share tips with others... I love to see my ladies have a good time at my workshops. We have had many Laughs... many many laughs! Oh and a few tears... I have seen everyone grow in their own craft. 
And I hope I have many more years doing what I love... even if I stress bad... I just want it right!


I'd love it if you would come along to my workshops, or I always have room in my Stampin' Team!